Lukas Belka

Lukas Belka

Hi, I'm Lukas and I work as an Analytics Developer in the insurance industry. Today it is my job to make data human-friendly and readable, with a focus on data analytics and application programming. I do mainly code in Python and R (Shiny). In 2020 I started to intensify working with data and got more and more into programming. Since 2023 I am a certified Data Analyst Professional and I hold the Data Modeling Certification of the DMI (Data Modeling Institute).

Data was not always my focus. For more than ten years I have managed projects in the primary and reinsurance industry and most recently from 2018 to 2020 I managed the PMO of a large IT-transformation project in order to restructure the whole organizytion from a classical PM-approach into an agile way of working according to the SAFe framework.

During this time, I realised that I wanted to become more professional in handling data. Instead of linking numerous Excel files via references, drawing gannt charts with Think Cell and reporting figures using .ppt slides, I wanted to automate as much as possible, provide insights via dashboards and populate databases via user interfaces.

As I've been always keen on IT and web technologies, I learnt Python and became good in SQL. The more I programmed, the more I learnt - today I enjoy working with tools like Snowflake and dbt or PySpark.