Lukas Belka

Lukas Belka

Hi, I'm Lukas a (re)insurance professional who works in the industry since 2009. Since then I have managed projects and headed the PMO of a large IT-transformation project (from 2018 until 2020) in order to restructure the whole organization from a classical PM-approach into an agile way of working according to the SAFe framework.

Back then I realised that I wanted to become more professional in handling data in order to gain insights faster and make decisions based on hard facts. Further, instead of linking numerous Excel files via references, drawing gannt charts with Think Cell and reporting figures using .ppt slides, I wanted to automate as much as possible - this is why I learnt Python and became good in SQL.

Until recently it was my job to make data human-friendly and readable, with a focus on data analytics (application programming) and business kpis (performance measurement). I mainly coded in Python and R (Shiny) and worked with PowerBI as well. Since 2023 I am a certified Data Analyst Professional and I hold the Data Modeling Certification of the DMI (Data Modeling Institute).

Today I use that knowledge to be as productive as possible, enhance my processes @ work and contribute as much as possible to the success of Talanx AG.